Entrepreneurial Support Services
For You and Your Business

What can we help you with?

  1. Starting a Business, Non-Profit, Organization

  2. Articles, By-Laws, Constitutions, Protocols, Processes

  3. Tips, Advice, and Consultations

  4. Budgeting and Financial Organization

  5. Planning and Marketing

  6. Time and Life Management

  7. Anything Else to make your organization Successful?

  8. What do you need?


Get Started for Free - We want to see you succeed, even start ups that have no money.  You don’t already have to be successful to work with us. (just email, or give a call)

Normal Pricing (always Negotiable as stated above)

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Support Consultations: Normal $13/ hr (Sale Price: $10/hr)

Budgets and Bookkeeping: $15/hr (Sale Price: $12/hr)

Reports & Plans (Written Documents): $18/hr (Sale Price: $14)




    BJC VoiceMail: +1 (831) 345-9443

    Jay’s Text & Talk: +1 (415) 484-3996



        PO. Box 20175

        Stanford CA, 94309


                           Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera

Jay has experience in starting and running numerous student organizations, coops, non-profit, corporation, and sole proprietorships, and doing taxes, finances, budgets for those organizations.  He has experience in all types of organizational necessities including planning, facilitation, budgeting, group dynamics, conflict, non-violent communication, marketing, and much more.

Additional Services Offered:

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Estimated Minimum costs to start a Business:

$0-$50 Fictitious Business Name & Business Bank Account

$40-$100 Simple Basic Website for a Year

$0-$200 City Business License

$10-$50 Professional Consultation (our help to you)

Estimated Total to Start A Business: $50-$400

Estimated Total to Start a Non-Profit: $300-$700